Welcome to OeCulture Online, the online version of OeCulture, the magazine of the Austrian-Canadian Council.

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OeCulture was first published in 1998 as a joint enterprise of the Austrian Embassy in Ottawa and the newly founded Austrian-Canadian Council. Its mission is

  • to inform readers in Canada and elsewhere about the vibrant cultural, scholarly, and scientific relationships between Canada and Austria, and
  • to highlight the cultural activities of Austrian-Canadian clubs and organizations.

In addition to the contents of the Magazine, this site offers

  1. a Table of Contents of all issues, providing a quick overview of the articles published;
  2. an Author Index with an alphabetical listing of the authors who have published in the Magazine, and
  3. a Keyword Index which permits the reader to search for articles on specific persons or issues.

The online issues of the Magazine are published in PDF format. A PDF Reader is required to read them. Many modern browsers, such as Firefox, can display PDF files correctly. If your browser can not, then you can obtain a free PDF reader by clicking here.

You can also right-click the link, download the file to your computer, and open it on your hard drive with your PDF Reader. Please report any problems to the Webmaster, .

1998: Number 1 [1.9 MB]

  Number 2 [1.7 MB]

1999: Number 1 [1.6 MB]

  Number 2 [7.6 MB]

  Number 3 [5.1 MB]

2000: Number 1 [22.3 MB]. Contains a Special Supplement.

  Number 2 [4.3 MB]. Contains a Special Supplement

2001: Number 1 [4.5 MB]

  Number 2 [3.6 MB]

  Number 3 [5.7 MB]

2002: Number 1 [7.4 MB]

2003: Number 1 [8.0 MB]

2004: Number 1 [8.2 MB]

  Number 2 [9.5 MB]

2005: Number 1 [8.2 MB]

  An Austrian Celebration, 2005 [7.4 MB]

2006: Number 1 [24.0 MB]

2007: Number 1 [21.5 MB]

2008: Number 1 [22.8 MB]

2009-2010: Number 1 [2.5 MB]

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