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The Viennese Winter Ball would like to thank the Ottawa Citizen, and in particular Citizen reporters Jennifer Campbell, Ron Eade and Isabel Teotonio, and Citizen photographers Brigitte Bouvier, Kier Gilmour, Jean Levac and Chris Mikula, for the extensive and excellent coverage of the 2004 Winter Ball.

All articles are reproduced with the permission of the Ottawa Citizen.

A Night to Remember
A Night to Remember (cont.)
An Evening of Elegance
Balls Around the World: How They Compare
21st-century Cinderellas (page 1)
21st-century Cinderellas (page 2)
21st-century Cinderellas (page 3)
21st-century Cinderellas (page 4)
The Viennese Ball: Splendour greets Austria’s new ambassador
The Viennese Ball: “I’ve never been this glammed up before”

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