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Dr. Wilbert Keon (right) at reception in  Residence Shawn Gibbins and Dr. Fraser Rubens at reception in Residence Jim and Rowena Hall and Ambassador Hayes at reception in Residence Major and Mrs. Martin, General and Mrs. Heck, at reception in Residence

David and Janet Wallace at the Ambassador’s Residence The Douehi Family at the Ambassador’s Residence Brig. Gen. Heck, Ambassador Ditz and Major Martin at Ambassador’s Residence Mr. David Wallace, Chair of the Winter Ball Committee

Ambassador Ditz and Rob Clipperton Several Debutantes and Partners Mr. David Wallace, the Dance Instructors and the Debutantes Mayor Charelli, Shawn Gibbons

The Reddaways The Thirteen Strings Orchestra Ladies Night The Stevens & Kennedy Band

Gen. Hillier and wife, Comm. Zaccardelli and wife, Maj. Martin, Mrs. Ditz Arial View of the Grand Hall Roland Pirker and Mo Mr. Louis Mrak and Family

The Schrammel Quartet The Hon. David Anderson and Mrs Sandra Anderson Mr. Douehi presents the winner with his tickets Dr. Fraser Rubens, tenor, and the Thirteen Strings Orchestra